Look Out For When Hiring a Houston Tree Service

If you’ve never done it before, hiring a tree service provider can seem kind of daunting. For one thing, this is not really a service that most people hire very often.

It is also the kind of service where you really want to know you are hiring the best possible company. Mistakes that are made by a poor company can take considerable time – and effort – to rectify.

Here then is a handy run down of just what exactly you should look for when hiring professional’s to work on your trees.


It could really pay off to try to find a company that has been in business for a while. For one thing, a business does not typically build longevity by being bad at what it does. Rather, if it has survived awhile, it must be doing something right! For example, check out: www.espinozatreeservice.net and even though the website might look basic, the company has been around for over 15 years and got quote the reputation.

This is also an industry that is plagued by pop – up companies that are here one day and gone the next. They are not necessarily going to give you the highest level of service.

As a rule of thumb, if a company has been around for more than 10 years that is a great sign.

In House Staff

The professionals who will work on your trees are called arborists, and you want to make sure that the ones that show up to work in your yard actually work for the company you’ve hired.

That may sound strange but some tree companies will actually just be one full time employee. They will then hire – in other words subcontract – other professional arborists to come in and do the work.

Try to avoid this if you can, and make sure that the person you speak to is the person who will be working on your trees.

How Will They Protect Your Yard?

Protecting your yard from damage whilst working on your trees should be of paramount importance to whomever you hire to work on your trees. Whether this is damage from falling branches or from the deployment of their own equipment, if the company cannot give you several strategies to avoid damage then walk away.

Do They Have All The Gear?

A good tree service company is going to come well equipped with all the machinery and equipment they require. They should not be hiring much, if any, of their equipment.

They should have cranes and powered platforms, they should have a range of hand and powered chainsaws and they should have the full range of protective equipment to operate all of this stuff.

If they don’t come equipped to do the job, don’t give it to them.

Are They Insured?

One of the most important questions! They need to be insured not only to take on the work itself – i.e. for any damages that may accidently occur – they also need to be insured for accidents.

If one of the workers falls out of the tree or cuts his finger off you may be liable for the financial penalties if the company is not insured.

Therefore insist on seeing proof of insurance before any work begins.…