Brief History and Description

Stuyvesant is of exceedingly modest origin. In the early 1880’s a group of young men, purchased a number of sailboats and rented an empty store on the East River in the vicinity of 125th Street, NYC, where members held periodic meetings. Sometime later they discovered a dismantled ferry boat, the “Gerard Stuyvesant”, which was purchased and beached at the head of a creek in Port Morris, Bronx. Thus the Stuyvesant Yacht Club came into being. The Charter of Incorporation is dated April 27 1890, makes Stuyvesant Yacht Club one of the oldest clubs in the New York area.

After a period of great growth, it was necessary to seek larger quarters and the club moved to Jack’s Rock in Pelham Bay, acquiring a club house, dual railway, and enough room for over 100 vessels. However, in 1934, The City of New York decided to build Orchard Beach, condemned the area for future use, and Stuyvesant had to find new quarters.

With the assistance of a private loan, Stuyvesant purchased an unused coal yard at the end of Centre Street on City Island. Within years, a wooden bulkhead was built, doubling the size of the property, a railway system was installed to haul and launch vessels, and a proper clubhouse was built. That was a lot of work in the days following the great depression. As the charter’s name “a membership club” implies, most of the work was, and still is, done by the membership itself. Over the years many improvements have been made, among them the addition of the Summer House and installation of the Travel-Lift & Transfer Car. On February 26, 1968, a fire destroyed the wooden clubhouse and the present building was erected.

Today, the waterfront property owned by Stuyvesant Yacht Club encompasses 47, 250 square feet with 160′ of water front land. The clubhouse consists of a two story cinder block building and deck overlooking New York City and Eastchester Bay. The club contains a full service restaurant and bar, lounge with a fireplace, bathrooms with showers, and storage lockers for members. On the waterfront side of the building is a macadam used for winter storage of boats and parking in the summer. A walkway leads down from the Summer House to two floating docks where the launch service is operated for the Club’s mooring area in Eastchester Bay. South of the clubhouse is an unused beach area, and behind the clubhouse is a second smaller boat storage area with a tool shop and equipment shed. Stuyvesant allows professional engine mechanics and riggers to do work in the yard.

The boatyard also provides engine and hull repairs, although most members do their own upkeep and maintenance for their boats.

Stuyvesant is unencumbered by any loans or mortgages.

The Sea Scouts

Stuyvesant Yacht Club has been a long time supporter and host for the junior sailing organization the SEA SCOUTS.  SYC provides free use of its facilities and storage for the scouts and their boats.  Every year, club members mentor the scouts in sailing activities and accompany them on their summer cruise.