Why Arrange Tree Care Inspections In Northern Virginia

One of the very best things you can do for trees, is arrange regular inspection and maintenance by a professional tree service provider.

There are a number of positives to arranging this service – here are some of the best ones.


Prevent Storm Damage

Trees are generally speaking at least, pretty hardy. They are designed by nature to withstand high winds & driving rain however nothing is impervious to damage and nothing lasts forever, check out the news about the big bald cypress.

Having a professional inspect your trees can ensure that they are always ready to face whatever nature throws at them during winter. This may be trimming back unnecessary growth that makes the tree top heavy and liable to fall, it could identifying issues with root systems that make the tree unstable.


Remove Dead Wood

Even the best cared for tree will, from time to time, experience dead wood. This could be the result of light damage or a freak gust of wind damaging a branch. It’s a perfectly natural occurrence, and in nature that dead branch or piece of trunk will simply fall off over time and plummet to the forest floor.

Except your tree is not in the forest, it’s in your front yard – and you park your car right underneath it. A tree professional can remove dead wood early and they can remove it in a safe and controlled fashion. This helps protect both the tree itself from further damage and also any of your possessions that happen to be close by!


Infection Inspection

There are a surprising range of diseases, molds and fungi that can attack a tree. They often only give very subtle signs of an infestation, and it’s not like the tree itself can ask for help!

Instead, by bringing in a professional for frequent inspections they can often spot the signs of an infection early – and offer effective treatments.

An infected tree is bad news on two fronts. Firstly, it could spread the infection, not only to other trees in your yard but often to shrubs and bushes too. A yard full of dead and dying trees and shrubs is not going to look pleasant!

Learn how to recognize bark beetle infestation:

Secondly a diseased tree can be a major hazard to both property and people. It is likely to produce copious deadwood as the tree itself dies off which, as we discussed above, is bad news of any property, pets or people that happens to be underneath the tree.

In addition a number of diseases – especially fungus – can attack the root system of the tree. When this happens it can lose it’s stability, and the entire tree can be at danger of crashing down during a storm, potentially causing serious damage.


So if you want the tree to thrive, then start by giving it all the help you can!…

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