How Tree Removal Can Help Sell Your Home

We all know what needs to be done when it comes time to sell our homes – or at least we think we do.

We’ll make sure all the junk is cleared away (or at least thrown in a handy closet), we clean the carpets and the windows, we might even re-paint the front porch or hang fresh wallpaper.

In short, when it comes times to selling our home we are going to do everything we can to make out homes look as attractive as possible. However, we often forget about our backyards, and this could be a huge mistake.

Check out the video below, they’re removing a tree to make sure that property passes inspection prior to listing a home:

For one thing, a great yard will not only help your home sell – it can actually bring up your asking price! A yard is just as much of an asset as any other part of your home. If you have a great kitchen, then you are going to make sure that it is prominent in the details of your home listing advertisement – a great yard is just as important.

Not only that but the people who will be helping you sell your property – the real estate company – they certainly will be happy if you upgrade your yard before placing your home on the market.

Why? Well for one thing it is an asset they can write about when they’re preparing your home information pack. More importantly though, a great yard is also extremely photogenic so again when they are putting together the information pack, they can fill it will full color pics of your attractive yard.

Finally I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that first impressions are important, right? Well your yard – front and back – can go a long way to making that great impression. Quick tip: it can often help to invest into quality landscape design to make that stunning first impression.

When people arrive for a viewing, if they are picking through an overgrown lot to get to your front door that is not going to make a great impression! Likewise, if they stroll out into your backyard and see a tangle of weeds and overgrown shrubs they are not going to see the potential of all that space – they are going to see all the hard work it’s going to take to get that mess under control.

So ok, hopefully I’ve convinced you of the importance of getting your yard in order before you list your property. Right now though, I bet you’re thinking that sounds like an awful lot of money.

Well it doesn’t have to be!

If you’ve got a lawn, mow it.  If it’s a bit weedy, don’t worry – just make sure it’s under control.

Borders and flowerbeds? Pull out anything dead or dying, replace with something colorful. Keep it watered and weeded and under control until your house sells – not a huge investment of time or money.

Finally, trees. Many people ignore them altogether but that is not a good idea at all! Poorly maintained trees will stand out and will really put off potential buyers. Bite the bullet, hire in a professional tree removal and let them give your trees a little manicure.

Simple and effective.…

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