Stuyvesant Yacht Club is one of the oldest yacht clubs in the U.S. We were incorporated in 1890, as a sailing membership club situated at 125th Street and the Harlem River in New York. Presently, our biggest challenge has been rebuilding after the damage from Hurricane Sandy.

Vision and Mission of the Stuyvesant Yacht Club

The primary purpose of Stuyvesant Yacht Club is to promote the sport of sailing and boating, social gathering and good fellowship among its members.

Those who do not own a boat may join as an Associate Member or a Sailing Associate. Other members who have boats regularly invite associate/sailing associate members on cruising and racing events during the sailing season.

Boat owners join as a Regular Member or a Junior Member. Each level of membership differs in annual dues but use of the club facilities is available to all. For further membership information, please email

Click to download the Membership Application:

Membership Application

New Members 2014


Membership $2,100.00
-25% discount -525.00
Launch Use fee 525.00
Sub Total $2,100.00
NYS Tax 8.875% 186.37
Dues Total $2,286.37
Chits 500.00
TOTAL $2,786.37

New Members 2014


Quarterly Rate $525.00
Launch Service 525.00
Sub Total $1,050.00
NYS Tax 8.875% 93.19
Quarterly Dues Total / Launch $1,143.19
Half Year Chits 250.00
TOTAL $1,393.19

The total of $1,393.19 is the amount due to start your membership with us. Please note that the annual launch service fee is billed the 2nd quarter.

The club is reliant for its welfare and successful operation on the support and assistance of its members and their guests. It is requested that everyone follow all House and Yard Rules at all times. SYC is a member-run club; members pitch in at work parties to keep SYC in good running order. We also encourage members to join and serve on one of the club’s several committees and to attend quarterly General Membership meetings.

Regular (Active)

One who owns a boat. This membership entitles one to all privileges of membership, use of club facilities and the right to vote.


Same as a Regular member, but is limited to an individual who has not reached the age of 24 by December 31st of the year in which the individual applies for membership.

Associate Sailor

A member who does not own a boat and wishes to enjoy the use of the boats owned by the club.

Associate (Social)

A member who does not own a boat and wishes to enjoy the club socially.

Life Member:

A member who has maintained continuous membership in the SYC as a Regular member for 30 years.

SYC Club Information

Launching & Hauling of your boat (includes Winter Storage)

$41.00 per foot. Winter Storage ends on June 1st at which point $10.00 storage fees per day will be charged.

Dinghy Storage

$100.00 per year

Restaurant & Bar

Open from May through the end of December.
The Restaurant Card is our S.Y.C. debit card for your restaurant and bar transactions.  Tax is charged when the card is used.

What is included in your membership

Launch Service – from late April through October (when the last boats are hauled)
Use of our clubhouse – from Going into Commission in May through late December
Use of our bar and restaurant – from May through late December
Storage Locker


As a courtesy, we offer the option of automatic payment using your credit card on file. Checks are, of course, welcome as well.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email or phone the Vice Commodore in charge of Membership.

Simone Lageoles
Vice Commodore

Additional matters


S.Y.C. has an arrangement with Two C’s Marine (917-407-9194) to check the integrity of all moorings every two years.  It is a club requirement to have moorings checked every two years to keep all boats in our fleet and in surrounding fleets safe. The cost of the repair does vary according to each safety inspection.  For an annual fee Two C’s Marine, at the start of the season, will put back the top tackle, (bridle, ball, tall boy) and remove it for the winter season.

While moorings are supplied by the boat owner, we would be glad to temporarily lend one of ours until you can arrange for your own to be put in place, subject to availability. I will contact club member Tony Sklarew on your behalf and let him know that you’re looking for a mooring to accommodate your 30’ Pearson Wanderer.


S.Y.C requires that all members with boats have insurance with minimum liability coverage of $300,000. Stuyvesant Yacht Club requires that it be listed as additional insured.

Work / Repairs

Services are available in our yard for :professional fiberglass and woodwork and hull painting; engine maintenance and repairs, including winterizing; rigging and sail repair.